Program Overview



The theme of the XXVII World Congress of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy will be “Law, Reason, and Emotion.”

This topic raises fundamental questions about the nature and purpose of law. While all legal systems claim to serve reason and justice, they must also recognize and respect the emotional basis of human society.  This relationship between law, reason and emotion can be presented as a conflict, harmony, or otherwise, but will always be present in legal discourse.  Papers addressing this theme will reach all aspects of the philosophy of law and social philosophy.

Among the topics of particularly salient in any such discussion are: the nature and purpose of law, the concept and practice of reason, the origins and value of emotion, the source or construction of justice, the legitimacy and validity of legal authority, and the effectiveness of legal norms. Many other questions arise in thinking about law, reason and emotion. In fact, almost all legal questions invite some reference to these three themes.

We very much hope that you will give some thought to law, reason, and emotion in the papers that you submit to the working groups and special workshops and we urge you to submit your papers as soon as possible.  We would like to group your presentations together in the most constructive possible way, to encourage dialogue and publication. Early submissions will make this task much easier.

We look forward very much to reading and hearing your insights on law, reason, and emotion!

The Program Committee

Mortimer Sellers, Chair (University of Baltimore)
Leslie Francis (IVR)
Susan Carle (American University Washington College of Law)
Joshua Kassner (AMINTAPHIL)
John Mikhail (Georgetown University)
Dalia Tsuk Mitchell (George Washington University)