Welcome to the XXVII World Congress of the International Association for the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy!

The host committee is very pleased to welcome you to Washington D.C. and to the United States.  In addition to the exciting academic program, we hope that you will also participate in the social events that have been arranged for you, including the excursion to Mount Vernon.

The overall topic for this Congress is “Law, Reason, and Emotion,” subjects which will raise fundamental questions about the nature and purpose of law.  While all legal systems claim to serve reason and justice, they must also recognize and respect the emotional basis of human society.  This relationship between law, reason, and emotion can be seen as conflict, harmony, or otherwise, but it will always be present in legal discourse.  The theme of this World Congress should reach all aspects of the philosophy of law and social philosophy and we are eager to hear your insights.

We are particularly grateful to the hosts and sponsors of the World Congress and their generous donation of time, facilities, and financial support.  They are American University Washington College of Law, Georgetown University Law Center, George Washington University School of Law, the University of Baltimore School of Law, and the Law Library of Congress.

Have a wonderful time in Washington, D.C.!



Host Committee

  • Mortimer Sellers, Chair (University of Baltimore)
  • Jennifer Dabson (American University, Washington College of Law)
  • Susan Karamanian (George Washington University)
  • Gregory Klass (Georgetown University)
  • David Mao (Library of Congress)

Program Committee

  • Mortimer Sellers, Chair (University of Baltimore School of Law)
  • Susan Carle (American University, Washington College of Law)
  • Leslie Francis (IVR)
  • Joshua Kassner (AMINTAPHIL)
  • John Mikhail (Georgetown Law Center)
  • Dalia Tsuk Mitchell (George Washington University Law School)

This site features several murals from the Glimpse of Law Series at the Library of Congress, one of the conference sponsors. For more information visit the LOC Glimpse of Law site.